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Tuesday, May 4th, 2004
10:29 am
Corellian Corvette re-work
Ok, you wanted it, you got it! (Sort of.) Here's what I've found so far for Corellian Corvette walk-throughs. (Not much, but I'll add to it as I find more.)

start points - http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/board/message?board.id=game_guides&message.id=163023

Destroy Mission:
Lt. Velso: Emperors retreat, Naboo Confirmed (need waypoint)
1st - The codes in anchorhead are found in a container next to the reb recruiter in the cantina.
2nd - Dantooine - The Dantooine Location is the Janta Stronghold. Find the drum near the bottom of the cave. It is in the only item that isn't a mag-seal container. it is also next to a mag-seal container
3rd - Fort Tusken - In the caves beneath the fort, its a rather small box amongst other boxes.

Assassination mission:
Lt Sabol: Tatooine, Bestine (-1291 -3539)
1st - Afarah Cave (Corellia) located in the cave outside of Kor Vela (-2557 3005) - **it is located if your at the chair, turn facing away and walk into containers..one of the black one will have a search option on it.
2nd - Abandoned Rebel Base (Dantooine) (-6676 5557) - **as you go in the gate the building on your right just inside has it in a black container that has search option in radial.
3rd - Dathomir (5696 1952) - Document is located at crashed space craft NE of outpost.

Rescue mission:
Colonel Darkstone: Tatooine, Imperial Oasis (-5321 2702)
1st - Droid Engineer Cave: South face of volcano on Lok, POI. When you enter type /target storage and the container will be selected; and yes it's at the VERY bottom of the cave (/boggle). Take the left branch. Bring armor, pixie, and vercupti or buffs and/or friends. It's not too hard to get down there. Just burst past all the droidekas and keep the storage container selected. Search it and run.
2nd - Rogue Corsec Base: Corellia, (5200 1600) (i think). Its in the smaller multilevel building again at the very bottom. Type /target storage to select.
3rd - Woolamander Palace: Yavin, POI. Once inside go right and sneak past woolamanders in the entrance chamber. You're looking for a small container; its along the right wall as you walk in near the harrowers (which deathblow FYI).


Neutral: (Jabba)
Destroy Mission:
Destory Mission Walkthrough
Bruce McBrain: Jabba's Palace, Tatooine Entrance area (-580 6220)
1st - Maulers ?Stronghold? on Naboo(POI)
2nd - Rogue CorSec(POI)
3rd - Dath Nightsister Slave Camp(POI) - You don't have to go all the way down. When you enter the cave, in the first large open area if you look at the overhead map (Ctrl+M) you will see a small cove on one side. There is a decayed/destroyed container there, do a search on it. You don't have to go down and kill the protector or the elder (though that was fun!).

Assassination mission:
Bronell: Jabba's Palace, Tatooine 2nd Floor by Ephont Mon (-5914 -6232)
1st - Binayre Pirates on Talus (POI)
2nd - Naboo, Pirate Bunker (-1507 -1729)
3rd - Canyon Corsairs on Lok

Rescue mission:
Yondalla: Wayfar, Tatooine Inside cantina (-5150 -6588)
1st - Kahmurra Bio-Genitics Lab (POI) on Talus - In Rusty Container (near the bottom)
2nd - Lord Nyax Hideout (POI)on Corellia - In Bookcase before you get to Lord Nyax's room
3rd - Korgas on Endor - This is actually the Korga cave POI, document was in a rusty container. Turn right at the split, and it is all the way in the back.


Destroy Mission:
Master Sergeant Crowley: Corellia, Kor Vella (-3404 3092)
1st - Lok Imp base (-1891 -3032) (iin fenced in area)
2nd - Dath Prison camp - By desk where the prisioner is behind bars(back left side of base)
3rd - Roi Corbal cave 2nd level down In bookshelf

Assassination mission:
Pashna Starkiller: Corellia, Bela Vistal (6772 -5697)
1st - Geonosian Cave
2nd - Fort Tusken (Go in through the cave, in the second room, a small crate on the floor)
3rd - Mokk Village (-7065 -3326) in a damaged metal drum.

Rescue mission:
Adar Tallon: Corellia, Tyrena (-5448 -2674)
1st - At the warren on Dantooine - The table in the first big room. (-526 -3870)
2nd - At the crash site on Lok - A crate in a small room (3658 2185).
3rd - At the imperial prison on Dathomir - The storage crate in the cell buildings. The container is at (-6352 749).

As for a walk-through, the only real one I've found is this one http://swg.okeechobee.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=XForum&file=viewthread&tid=135
(There's a more direct link I'll post when I get home, but this one has it all in one space.)

What we learned while trying to "stealth" the Corvette:

It is possible to have two or more teams running different parts of the mission. However, certain pieces depend on other parts to be completed before they will work. (I.E the meeting room has to be unlocked for you to get into it.)

The biggest hurdle (thus far) was the droid room, with a couple of battle droids and SBD's. We would need a team dedicated as the "distraction", as even a slow walk or crawl will get you incapped once you get close to the ramp/stairs. So, the fetcher goes in from the start, working slowly toward the ramp. The distraction team waits for the fetcher's signal, then runs in and dies heinously on the opposite side of the room, hopefully allowing the fetcher the time needed to get to his/her goal.

With that stated, I will start strategizing our next attack.

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Thursday, April 29th, 2004
8:49 am
Corellian Corvette
This Saturday, May 1st, at 5pm EST (-5 GMT), the SOS will gather for another assault on the Corellian Corvette.

Our last attempt ended in failure, only because we ran out of time. We had actually completed the mission, but did not make it to the escape pods. All in all, however, it was a rousing good time, with many explosions, blaster bolts flying and death everywhere!

So come join us this Saturday for another strike! We are planning on doing the neutral Corvette, unless a large enough faction group shows up.

-Brought to you by the SOS Game Entertainment Division

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Saturday, April 17th, 2004
11:43 pm
A Community Untited Under One Shrub
I'm all giddy that this community is getting some use! Thanks for comming over, brothers and sisters.

Okay, reposting from the SOS forum, I gots some questions for you all...

If you guys want the following settings to be changed, let me know. If the membership wants this community it to be moderated, let me know... I'll make the change and let me know who you want the moderator(s) to be.

Current Community Settings
Community name: of_the_shrub [Members]

1. Who can join your community?

[on] Open Membership - Anybody can join without getting approved.

[off]Closed Membership - You have to approve people's requests to join.

Posting Access

2. Who can post to this community?

[on] All (LJ) Members - Anybody can post immediately once a member.

[off]Select Members - Only some members are able to post, once they've been given access by the maintainer account.

Non-Member Posting

3. Can users post to this community without having to join it?

[off]Non-Members Cannot Post - Users have to join this community in order to post in it.

[on]Non-Members Can Post - Users can post to this community without having to join it.


4. Are submissions to this community moderated?

[on] Unmoderated - New entries appear immediately.

[off]Moderated - New entries must be approved by a moderator.

Also, let me know if you all want anything changed... set up... colors... stuff in the Info sections... Yes especially the Info section. Interests... anything... just let me know. I can't do the extra spiffy CSS stuff, becase this is a free account... however if you want to donate to me (the of_the_shrub account, not thelieumorrison account, but by all means I won't stop you if you did!) the $5 bucks to have the access to those features to make the changes.

On another note:

normanrafferty was ranting about his SW RPG GM not allowing him to get his way in regards to playing a Gungan Jedi. Never the less, he is a good illustrator and had this to post...

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9:55 pm

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Sunday, April 18th, 2004
3:20 am
The Moopiness hath begun...
Thursday, April 3rd, 2003
8:45 am
Hekki and other Shrubite Salutations!,
Hekki and other Shrubite Salutations!,

I am the External Public Relations Director for the Player Association Servants of the Shrub, a player's guild within the Star Wars Galaxies massive multiplayer online role playing game. (Say that three times fast!)

We have developed this community journal is a means of helping us be a part of the SWG community developing here within Livejournal. We are an openly friendly PA and hope this journal will create new friendships and strengthen old ones with in the SWG communities. Be welcome here and feel free to post here in this community about SWG related topics.

-The Reverend lieumorrison

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6:18 am
Servants of the Shrub
This is a group journal for the Servants of The Shrub, a Player Association for the massive online role playing game of Star Wars Galaxies, specificly on the Bria server.

So you would like to learn more about the Shrub...

We are glad to say hello and welcome you to read all about us. We are the Servants of the Shrub, or S.O.S. Our purpose is to honor the Shrub by reveling in it's spirit. We believe that the Shrub symbolizes all that is fun and good about SWG, and, while our members do not worship the Shrub in real life, we find it a fun way to be different in game.

The Shrub was found in a beta test. After the announcement of it's finding, many of us realized that it made us smile and think of the humor that can be found in all games. After a while, the Shrub took on a mystical sort of following. Members, who were currently battling over the PVP (Player vs Player) system and the SCS (Single Character per Server) decision, could come together in fun and friendship. If you had the chance to read some of the posts made about it, either at the time of its discovery or when the Developer Q-3PO mentioned it's grounding, you can probably remember some of the funny posts and talk that surrounded it.

We held on to that.

Even as the Shrub faded from the limelight, we still believed that fun is central to the SWG experience, and 'honoring' the Shrub was fun. We decided to take it a step further and dedicate a PA to it. We in no way wish to beat a dead horse or run a joke into the ground. Instead, we wish to have a guild where everyone is welcome and everyone is friendly. This is why we ask, "Do you hear the call of the Shrub?" It is all in fun, and if you can't understand that then you probably do not belong with us. We are not an 'Uber' guild, nor do we value domination, or want to be the best of the best. We are honestly like a big family here, newcomers are always warmly greeted and even those who oppose us find us friendly. We offer the hand of friendship to all who would take it. Our ranks have been growing steadily over the last few weeks, and while we still need to sort many things out, you will notice from our forums that we are well organized and making new and exciting decisions everyday. We have openings for all types... from leadership positions right down to commandos in our military.

So when we talk of the Shrub, or say "May the Shrub be with you," it is all in good fun. That's what it's all about people. We do not support spamming in the name of the Shrub, nor flaming. If you happen to see a post where the Shrub is spammed or bumped needlessly then it is highly unlikely that it came from one of our members. While in game, many of our members plan to actively role-play the part... trying to convert or 'preach' to those not within the PA. This will only be done in moderation, and in a strictly role playing sense. Those of you who feel we may break your immersion... I offer you this: What is a Jedi? A Jedi, besides being the MOST popular part of Star Wars culture, is a religion. Religion is human nature... there are those without it, but the vast majority of the world population believe in a higher power. Now, Han Solo even said himself that there is no one all powerful force controlling his destiny. This is probably not an un-popular idea within Star Wars... many people feel that the Jedi is a "Hokey Religion". The Jedi certainly do not believe this. We can compare the followers of the Shrub to the Jedi in this way. Of course, George Lucas didn't write the Shrub into Star Wars, but for you role players out there who fear we will break your immersion... ask yourself this: If you were in the middle of the desert and saw a Shrub floating in mid air... with no wires, no repulsar lifts, no force at all holding it up... what would you believe? Add to this the fact that you were perhaps wandering for days without seeing any sign of water or food. Is it a sign? Is it a higher power? Perhaps many would not think so... perhaps they would attribute it to something else, but then... there are those who would certainly call it a sign. We role-play those people. If you wish to role-play against us and call us crazy then that is your right... and we welcome non believers because it adds another dimension to our experience. We can only serve to enrich your role-playing experience. Think of it!

You're sitting in a Cantina on Tatooine when a man dressed in what looks like a robe comes in off the street. He sidles up to the bar and orders a drink next to you. After taking a few swigs he looks at you and begins to strike up a conversation. Abruptly.. he asks you, "Have you heard the call of the Shrub my friend?"

Now, you as a player have two choices... you can either

A. Say: "Oh brother not another one of you stupid Shrub PA freaks again. When are you people going to learn that the Shrub was just a bug and the Devs have grounded it. Stupid freaks... quit beating a dead horse... /ignore"

B. Say: "The Shrub? What are you talking about? Oh... right, you're one of those crazy Shrub people from the desert aren't you? Why don't you guys give it up? There is no 'all-powerful' Shrub... and certainly not a Shrub that a good blaster or vibro-axe couldn't take care of. Now get out of my face you Shrub loving freak."

As you can see.. the Shrub makes for a very interesting role-play opportunity... and it can be immensely fun for both sides. That's what we're all about. There will be more on this page soon I am sure, but for now I hope this will give you a feel for the great-group of players we have here.

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